Security service and chauffeur service in Davos

Highly Qualified Safety Drivers

At TOP ALLIANCE we attach great importance to the safety and protection of our customers. In order to meet the high demands of safety-conscious individuals, we offer specially trained chauffeurs in Davos upon request. Our team is made up of experienced security drivers, including active and former members of elite units such as the German SEK and the GSG9. These experts not only have extensive security training, but also have experience in highly sensitive situations that require quick thinking and precise actions. Their unique combination of capabilities guarantees our passengers the highest possible protection in all circumstances.

Exclusive limousine service with security advantages during the Davos meetings

We understand the increased security needs of our international customers. Our team of active security forces (GSG 9 and SEK forces) supplemented by retired police officers offers unsurpassed protection and service. With exclusive access rights to private roads in Davos, our limousine service ensures maximum safety and efficiency. These privileged access options allow us to avoid delays and significantly increase the safety of our passengers by minimizing outside time.

Collaborate with internal and external security departments

TOP Alliance sees security as a shared concern that is maximized through cooperation. Not only do we offer a comprehensive portfolio of security services, but we also work closely with external security companies and your internal security departments. This collaboration allows us to create a seamless security concept tailored precisely to your individual needs. As your partner, we strive to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers by seamlessly integrating into existing security structures and providing an efficient, tailored security solution.