Case study 1

Case Study: Chauffeur and limousine services for a leading financial institution during the Davos meeting

During the Davos meeting, TOP ALLIANCE had the opportunity to support a leading financial institution with a tailor-made mobility service. Our comprehensive offering included first-class vehicles and experienced dispatchers, controllers and carcheckers to efficiently meet our customer's logistics requirements.


The Davos Meeting annually attracts decision-makers from business, politics and the media worldwide. It was therefore essential for our customer from the financial sector to have a transport service that not only offers exclusivity, but is also familiar with the specific challenges.


Thanks to our extensive experience and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, we have been able to provide a smooth and highly secure chauffeur and limousine service in Davos. A key element of our success was the special training of our chauffeurs, who belonged to elite units such as the German SEK. This expertise ensured that we met the highest security and service requirements.

Additionally, our vehicles were equipped with the latest GPS tracking technology, allowing us to closely monitor our fleet's movements and make real-time adjustments if necessary. The use of experienced dispatchers ensured efficient coordination and communication between all drivers and the customer's team, allowing for a flexible and quick response to plan changes.


The delivery of our services to the financial institution during the Davos meeting exceeded the client's high expectations. Our careful planning and execution ensured safe, timely and trouble-free transport, allowing the customer team to fully concentrate on their core objectives during the event.