Case Study 2

Case Study: Levy Embassy Service GmbH - Supporting a state delegation at the Davos Meeting

During the renowned Davos meeting, Levy Embassy Service GmbH, a subsidiary of TOP ALLIANCE, had the honorable task of looking after a high-ranking state delegation including the President and the incident command. This case study highlights the comprehensive planning and execution strategies that were required to ensure smooth operations and the highest safety standards for our distinguished guests.


Supporting a state delegation at the Davos Meeting presents a certain challenge, especially in terms of security and logistics. It was critical to create an environment in which delegation members felt safe and supported while participating in one of the world's most important economic policy forums.


Levy Embassy Service GmbH developed a comprehensive support plan that was specifically tailored to the needs and security requirements of the state delegation. This included:

  • Advance planning and coordination with the incident command:

    To ensure that all security measures and logistical details were coordinated at an early stage, we worked closely with the delegation's incident command. This coordination allowed us to identify potential risks and take preventative measures.

  • Specially trained safety drivers:

    Our chauffeurs, who have special training in safety driving techniques, ensured the safe and efficient transport of the delegation.

  • Security and logistics management:

    The complex logistics, including arrival, stay and attendance at events, were precisely managed to ensure maximum safety and minimize inconvenience. This included coordination with local security forces and event organizers.


Levy Embassy Service GmbH's support of the state delegation at the Davos meeting was a complete success. Careful advance planning and close cooperation with the incident command team enabled participation in the event to run seamlessly. The delegation was able to fully concentrate on its agenda, knowing that its security and logistical needs were in the hands of an experienced and highly professional team.


This case study demonstrates Levy Embassy Service GmbH's ability to provide tailored services to the most demanding clients under the most complex conditions. Successfully supporting the state delegation at the Davos Meeting underlines our commitment to excellence, security and discretion, positioning us as the preferred partner for supporting high-profile international guests at significant global events.