The 1,130-metre high mountain in the Uri Alps got its name Bürgenstock because of its shape comparable to a "stock". The whole peninsula is also known colloquially as Bürgenberg. But Bürgenstock is much more. Geographically, it is a mountain ridge about ten kilometres long along Lake Lucerne, which extends over several cantons, cities and towns. The mountain itself is located on the Bürgen peninsula. The name Bürgenstock is derived from its location and the visual impact.

The area on and around the Bürgenstock mountain has developed into a popular health resort. The hotel complex there has been the Bürgenstock Resort since the mid-2010s. It comprises several hotels, diverse sports facilities and is considered the largest hotel resort in the country. The affiliation to the hotel association "The Leading Hotels of the World" is proof of Bürgenstocks hospitality.

These are the general conditions under which our limousine service is often in demand at Berg Bürgenstock. The proximity to the city of Lucerne, which is about 30 kilometres away by car, and to Lake Lucerne, make our Bürgenstock chauffeur service as necessary as it is desirable. While passengers sit back and enjoy the Swiss mountain landscape, the Bürgenstock limousine service drives them safely and comfortably to their destination. In contrast to our service in other cities, the Bürgenstock chauffeur service is mainly used by tourists and holidaymakers.

Bürgenstock limousine service – book now and allow yourself to be pampered

A great deal of flexibility is expected from our limousine and chauffeur service here in Bürgenstock. Holidaymakers and hotel guests are often spontaneous about where they want to explore in the next few hours. We are happy to assist our guests with planning excursions.