DATE: 2016-04-05

In compliance with the company’s philosophy regarding environmental sustainability, TOP-ALLIANCE quite recently invested a large amount in smart light technology in its headquarters with Wtec’s intelligent IT infrastructure. TOP-ALLIANCE is highly aware of increasing global warming and that CO2 emissiones can only be reduced, if everyone is doing its part. They hereby will reduce energy consumption around nearly 90%. By this way the company is making by its contribution to environmental sustainability. Apart from the fact that especially Wtec’s smart light technology will minimize fix costs in the long run. The high sensibilization of TOP-ALLIANCE with environmental protection has been also demonstrated once again during the Annual Meeting of Davos on last January. Swiss are very strictly with the compliance of the CO2 emissions standards for a Greener Davos and TOP-ALLIANCE achieved with its limousines to be even a 30% below the requested and permitted emissions standards in Davos. Undoubtedly, TOP-ALLIANCE is moving further towards a greener technology day-by-day.