DATE: 2024-02-24

The TOP ALLIANCE is committed to the environment and our climate in Switzerland and Germany in a variety of ways. In Switzerland, we will be CO2 neutral with all TOP ALLIANCE vehicles from the beginning of 2020.

This means that we will be able to carry out all trips CO2-neutrally by the Davos meeting. This is possible through our cooperation with the “Myclimate” foundation, through which the CO2 generated by our vehicles is offset through international climate protection projects, 50% of which are in Swiss climate protection projects.

This makes us one of the first limousine and chauffeur services who are committed in this way to the environment and the climate on our planet. In addition, TOP ALLIANCE Germany has launched the “Planting trees for the future of our children” initiative, which supports the reforestation of mixed forests, including through the forest protection project “Waldliebe”. It sounds so simple, but trees bind harmful CO2 and convert it into vital oxygen. We are sure that we can have a lasting positive influence on our climate through this initiative.