Never worry about guest logistics again...

Date: 2017-05-26 share-count

.. and start looking forward to satisfied clients all around the world, whose guests reach their destination in a relaxed way, from arrival to departure. Upon request, we also provide greeter and luggage services as well as complete guest management packages. 

As you probably know, while total guest management might not seem to actually contribute to the success of an event, if the mood that is set upon arrival isn’t the right one, this could very quickly become the only topic of conversation among your guests, casting a shadow on the event.

Almost all of the event managers we interviewed have experienced this or similar.

Precisely for this reason, we developed service packages tailored specifically to event management. Our customers simply submit their guest list with the arrival, departure and/or other transfer data to us. The TOP-ALLIANCE team takes care of everything else.

From a first-class welcome by our greeter service and/or help desk upon arrival, perfectly trained chauffeurs, exclusively equipped limousines and vans to baggage management, our service packages cover it all.

Imagine how special your client’s guests will feel when they experience a friendly welcome, safe and comfortable transportation to their destinations in a luxury vehicle, and finding their luggage already in their hotel room upon their arrival.

We handle it all, allowing you and your organization team to concentrate on all the other event-related tasks, and, of course, we keep you fully informed on coordination progress throughout the event.

Speaking of information: Thanks to the software we use, our chauffeurs are kept informed through a live app about flight changes, making schedule changes one less thing for you to worry about. 

Additionally, thanks to GPS, your team, and the guest, upon request, can always stay informed via live app as to the exact location of the limousine at any given time. This way, at a glance on the mobile, the guest is secure in the knowledge that the designated vehicle is on its way. The system can, of course, be turned off for privacy and security reasons. 

Never worry about guest logistics again...