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Bürgenstock limousine service

Chauffeur service at the World Economic Meeting - Bürgenstock from 18 to 21 May 2021

The World Economic Meeting - takes place 2021 in Bürgenstock. As every year, we highly recommend making your ground transportation reservations early.

Bürgenstock is close to Lucerne. Lucerne is one of the larger cities in Switzerland. Due to the size of the city’s population, the many companies based there and people commuting in and out the city, unexpectedly high traffic volumes may occur. The TOP-ALLIANCE Dispatch team support our chauffeurs to avoid traffic delays as much as possible.

Environmental protection Limousine service

Environmental protection

As every year, TOP-ALLIANCE meets the high environmental requirements. You will find further information on our environmental protection projects in our "NEWS" section.


Personal Fleet Dispatch Service

Depending on the volume of your required chauffeur services and importance to your guests,TOP-ALLIANCE dedicated fleet dispatcher services provide enhanced efficiency when coordinating vehicle groups. Please contact us for a personalized offer.

World economic Meeting limousin office


  • icon-right TOP-ALLIANCE Headquarter is based in the hearth of Switzerland close to Bürgenstock
  • icon-right Over 20 years of experience training chauffeurs specifically for The World Economic Meeting event
  • icon-right Our vehicles meet all official requirements, including environmental requirements
  • icon-right Our chauffeurs are on-site in the federal state Luzern (Bürgenstock) during the entire conference, which means no time lost waiting for drivers to arrive from off-site locations
  • icon-right Complimentary greeter service with an own welcome desk in Terminal 2 we will escort you to one of our premium limousines.
  • icon-right Our team of 30 specialized dispatchers direct and guide our driver base while monitoring and reacting to all traffic-related issues, meaning you’re on time for your appointments

Strict Regulations in Force in Switzerland for Passenger Transportation:

  • icon-right Limousines intended for professional use in Switzerland must first undergo customs inspection.
  • icon-right Unless exempted by the Swiss Federal Roads Authority, all vehicles used for professional passenger transportation are equipped with tachometers to record trip data.
  • icon-right Chauffeurs must comply with "Drivers' Working Hours" (also known as "Hours of Service")

Swiss police intermittently check drivers and vehicles to make sure these regulations are being observed. If they find a violation, both driver and guests may be required to discontinue their journey.

Every year, TOP-ALLIANCE ensures well in advance that all legal requirements (including obtaining all necessary permits from both the Swiss Federal Office for Roads and from customs) are met and that extensive insurance coverage is in place.

For your safety we recommend (especially as offers from foreign countries are concerned) that you at least apply to receive permits from the relevant sections of the Swiss government (Customs and Federal Roads Office).

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