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Helicopter You can not be more flexible


Prop-Jets Fly at speed and land anywhere


Jets If it has got to be quick

Higher and Further - Wherever Business Takes You

Aircraft Charter – The Fastest Route for Guests In a Hurry

An urgent business meeting is coming up, time is running out and a scheduled flight to your destination not available? You are in need of a corporate shuttle for your employees to travel between your branch offices? You decide spontaneously to visit your summer cottage on the French Riviera? You are organizing trips for VIPs? You appreciate discretion, independence and flexibility? Dont waste your time looking for an aircraft, just hand it over to your qualified partner: TOP-ALLIANCE.

Our team of highly-qualified employees is familiar with all the challenges that may arise, enabling us to react quickly and turn your wishes into reality. We land closer to your final destination than large airlines normally can. Your limousine will be ready and waiting just a few steps from the terminal or the aircraft. Upon departure, there is no tedious check-in procedure and no time wasted in boarding lines or waiting in public areas. Your private crew takes care of you and your luggage. You arrive, take off and relax. Arrivals and departures late at night also possible. We can organize your flight schedule together if you need to coordinate several meetings on the same day. Use your invaluable time efficiently and enjoy your flight on one of our helicopters or planes.

Helicopters can land almost anywhere. They are ready to go at a moments notice and dont require an airport slot. Depending on the type of helicopter, aircrafts that carry either up to 5 tons or seat up to 18 passengers comfortably are available.


Propjets are fast and offer first-class comfort. This type of aircraft, seating up to 9 passengers and available on very short notice, can touch down on the shortest runways close to your chosen European destination.


Need to get to an important meeting or have to get cargo to its destination, on time and as fast as possible? Our jets fly long distances in record time, while you relax in a recliner. Let us know your destination and we will get you the best option at the best price.