TOP-ALLIANCE Staff and Chauffeur Services Academy

We live in a time of growing mobility and rising demands on service levels. Therefore, our academy aims to qualify employees (internal and external) as service providers for the customer. To achieve this goal, both our staff and our chauffeurs participate in ongoing training programs conducted by TOP-ALLIANCE. In addition to this formal training, our people draw on decades of experience serving high-end customers in the limousine and aircraft service sector.

The TOP-ALLIANCE Services Academy offers seminars in the areas of Business Etiquette, Chauffeur Education and Driver Safety Training. Looking to offer your staff additional training or a refresher course in one or more of these subjects? We also offer seminars and workshops to external employees in our modern training facilities. Contact us to find out more.

Chauffeur Academy

1. Business Etiquette Seminar

  • icon-right Using Modern Manners with Confidence
  • icon-right Competence in International Etiquette
  • icon-right Dining Etiquette Tutorials
  • icon-right Using Small Talk in the Professional World

In her many years as a marketing manager, Mrs. Susanne Dröll-Bülter has gathered extensive experience in the proper rules of etiquette and contemporary communication. As a licensed etiquette coach and business trainer, she defines etiquette as: "respect, helpfulness and tolerance towards others".

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2. Driver Safety Training


Our Driver Safety Training Programm is offered in collaboration with the AvD (Automobilclub von Deutschland), with whom we have worked together for many years.

  • icon-right Safe Driving - Vehicle Control in Everyday Situations
  • icon-right Winter Training - Vehicle Control in Winter Conditions
  • icon-right
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Alumnus of the Finishing School Villa Pierrefeu/ Montreux/Switzerland, certified hotel manager and graduate ecotrophologist
  • icon-right General Information and Rules of Etiquette
  • icon-right Security "Safety First""
  • icon-right Driver Safety Training
  • icon-right Professional Apprearance – How Best to Represent Your Company
  • icon-right Sturgeon cases (accidents)
  • icon-right Dealing with Accidents: Deviation from Normal Operations
  • icon-right Taking Care of Your Vehicle
  • icon-right Chauffeur Practice Training and Theory Instruction